"Neither Sand Nor Sea is an inspirational novel depicting the life of the young interior designer Carla Montgomery and her assignment to the house of Julian Swann. As the twenty-seven-year-old Carla pursues the design of the wealthy and picky Julian Swann, she must also deal with her mother's death, her unexpected love for a rugged Norwegian sea captain, and a year of situational difficulties which must decide for Carla what the rest of her life will be. A productive, inspirational, superbly crafted and totally engaging novel of the life and pursuit common to so many young women today, Neither Sand Nor Sea is very highly recommended reading. Midwest Book Reviews  (plus Small Press Bookwatch, Internet Bookwatch, and Gale Research Company's Book Review Index)  
Talking about romance, Neither Sand, Nor Sea by Kathleen Kubik serves up plenty of it  along with travel, two hunky heroes and a heroine whose life is about to change forever. Carla Montgomery is young, pretty, and very naïve. Struggling to overcome the pain of her mother’s recent death and a stunning confession she made before she died, she throws herself into her work as an interior designer, but life in the form of movie star client and a rugged Norwegian sea captain has other plans for her. It would be easy to dismiss this novel as ""chick lit"", but it happens to be a lot deeper than that, a reading experience that is worth the trip. Bookviews by Alan Caruba...www.bookviews.com
.....Ms Kubik easily captivated me and kept me mesmerized.    NEITHER SAND NOR SEA is a richly rewarding story creatively pinned by debut author Kathleen Kubik. This is the kind of book that you want to curl up with in your favorite chair with a hot cup of coffee. Ms Kubik easily captivated me and kept me mesmerized with her vivid descriptive writing and snippets of old movie dialogs, not to mention the well paced story line and characters that were all too human. Kathleen Kubik delivers a full bodied story abounding with well developed characters and delightful settings from New York to the Caribbean. NEITHER SAND NOR SEA is a novel that entertains from the first page and one that you will gladly recommend to family and friends alike.   5 stars Donna Zapf, CataRomance Reviews  
  ....In a very well written character study Kathleen Kubik gives the reader a compelling read into a year in the life of a young woman’s discovery of self, and coming of age. It tells the story, of a successful interior designer in Manhattan, her friends, her lover, and overlaps that same year with a Norwegian secaptain, and the fates, and people that would have a hand in ultimately bringing them together. The journey of self-discovery takes her from the brilliant world of Manhattan to the islands of the Caribbean, and to her childhood home at the Montauk seashore.  --- The main and secondary characters along with their various personalities were all delightful, thoughtful and compassionate adding to the fullness of this very satisfying and enjoyable read. Additionally, I found the story to be very well conceived and skillfully brought to life. In spite of the fact that Julian was shown to be a complete S.O.B. in the beginning, the author was able to uncover his vulnerabilities as he easily slipped past Carla’s defenses, so that even here, one could feel compassion. Carla was exquisitely drawn showing her strength, vulnerabilities and emotions, inviting the reader to feel and experience along with her life’s joys and sorrows. The reader will find beautifully depicted and heartwarmingly beautiful, the final joy of Carla’s realization in finding her true soulmate. This is a book for women of all ages to enjoy and one I highly recommend.       Marilyn reviewer - contemporaryromancewriters.com
         I had the privilege of reading and writing the review for NEITHER SAND NOR SEA. I am looking forward to seeing another book out by you.     Char  reviewer for http://www.romancejunkies.com Except from review   ...NEITHER SAND NOR SEA by Kathleen Kubik is a wonderfully written true-to-life struggle one person goes through to find a future with someone to call her own and love. Carla is a character that brings her problems out for all to see, but in a way that the reader is completely caught up in the drama of her life and eagerly turns the next page to find out how she is going to bring all the pieces of her life together and end up happy. This book is a must read for everyone that enjoys a story with everyday people struggling to make their lives as happy and fulfilling as they can.
      This is a wonderful story of a woman trying to recover from the loss of a parent, and later the loss of love. Carla Montgomery is remarkably resilient, considering the blows that life has thrown at her. She is also remarkably lucky in the people in her life. Her friends are steadfast, as are her mother’s friends. The characters of Jane Bill and Sister Joan Marion are particularly vividly unusual women. The supporting characters really make the book. The characters of Julian and Erik couldn’t be more different, one is a good looking manipulator, who finds himself in love by accident, the other a steady honest character, surprised to find himself in love for the first time. This is a really involving book that you won’t be able to put down.     Maura Frankman, reviewer, theromancestudio.com
     Be ready for a journey of discovery, as the young Carla Montgomery is swept away by the charming, calculating Julian Swann, as she struggles to deal with her mother's sudden death and a past that had been carefully kept from her. Then be prepared to fall in love with the handsome Erik Andreassen, captain of a luxury-cruise sailing ship. Searching for answers to his own future, the retrospect Erik must confront his undying love the sea, and his feeling toward the one person who may hold the key to his future happiness. For those who yearn for a tale of love and growth, Neither Sand Nor sea is a must read.     Donna Kremer      Author of Krndija, The Journey of a Village from Creation to Destruction
       Love conflict and turmoil in women’s fiction? Love feeling the wind in your hair, or the sound of gulls on the breeze? Then you’ll definitely enjoy this perceptive and introspective release from Kathleen Kubik.     Cheryl Jeffries/ Heartstrings Reviews
     At some point in everyone's life, they must decide what path to follow. For Carla Montgomery that choice was between Julian, who lied to her about everything in his life; or Erik, who told her the truth about everything in his life. After much serious debate with herself, Carla makes her choice, which I think was the right one. I believe most readers will agree. This is a captivating story, and I look forward to reading more of this author's work.     Wilma Frana/Word Museum Reviews
     Neither Sand Nor Sea is one of the few novels that demands you clear your schedule before reading. Trust me, once you start reading this book, you'll not want to stop. Kubik pens an emotionally charged, familiar tale with a relatable heroine. Carla's problems and reactions are so human, you expect to bump into her or invite her over for tea. Her emotional turmoil is an exquisite agony and you desperately hope she has a happy ending.      Taut, intriguing and hard to put down, Neither Sand Nor Sea is the perfect book for slow, lazy nights     Safiya Tremayne/In The Library Reviews
                                            Five Roses        Carla Montgomery is an interior designer. She has just landed her first high profile client, Julian Swann. He is a smooth talker; he has been known to not only break hearts but also to destroy people’s careers. Carla knows she can handle anything Julian may demand of her, her boss isn’t so sure.      Carla will come to know her strengths and her weaknesses. Her journey will take her from the concrete of Manhattan to the Caribbean; it will also lead her back to her childhood home to Montauk. While discovering who she is and isn’t she meets Erik Andreassen, a sea captain from Norway.      The choices Carla, Julian and Erik will make over the course of one year will change all of them forever.      This was a wonderful book. Carla is trying to find out who she really is, what she wants for the rest of her life and she has two very handsome men who want her. No matter the age of the reader, you will find this a most satisfying read from start to end. Reviewed in June 2006 by Pat.  ARomanceReview.com
                                      Four Stars - A Page-Turner      This novel is a sensitive and moving portrayal of a woman beginning to appreciate her own worth while experiencing some major life transitions.  Only by understanding her own sense of self can Carla Montgomery overcome career and relationship obstacles and make decisions about the important matters in her life. Sandra Garcia-Nyers - Romantic Times Book reviews
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